Innovation in Air Distribution






  1.  2018 Master Catalog
  2.  2016 Air Systems Product Line Card
  3.  2017 Fire / Rescue Catalog
  4.  Hazardous Location Product Line Catalog
  5.  Custom Shipyard and Military Facility Products Catalogs
  6.  Custom Products & Engineering Services Brochure
Grade-D Air Filtration (Supplied Air)
  1.  Fundamentals of Respiratory Protection
  2.  The Breather Box® - The Industry Standard in Grade-D Air Filtration
  3.  The Blast-Air™ Cart - Designed for the Commercial Sandblasting, Paint and Coatings Industry
  4.  Grade-D Air Filtration Comparison Guide (Breather Box®)
  5.  The Cool-Box™ - Portable Cooling Air Distribution Manifold
Confined Space Ventilation
  1.  Blower & Fan Selection Guide
  2.  Controlling & Removing Static Electricity During Confined Space Entry Ventilation
  3.  The Saddle Vent® & Ventilation Kits - Confined Space Entry Do It Right The First Time
  4.  Estimating Purge Time Flyer
  5.  8" Axial Fans and Kits for Non-Hazardous Locations
  6.  12" Axial Fans and Kits for Non-Hazardous Locations
  7.  Explosion-Proof Plugs & Receptacles
Portable Area / Scene Lighting
  1.  Air-Light & Air-Light II Brochure
Environmental Control
  1.  Welding Fume Extractor Comparison Guide
Air Cylinder Carts
  1.  Breathing Air TransporterTM 
Case Studies
  1.  Confined Space Ventilation to Meet the Confined Spaces in Construction Standards 29 CFR 1926 subpart AA (OSHA Compliance)
  2.  Case Study - Confined Space Ventilation Safety Compliance
  3.  Case Study - Respiratory Airline Safety Compliance