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Special Application Ventilators

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The Saddlator™
Pneumatic Powered Saddle Vent® Blower

Provides positive or negative pressure ventilation to supplement confined space entry operations in large work areas or tanks and is ideal for hazardous environments.


  • Conductive Saddle Vent® with Venturi blower installed
  • 90° bolt-on conductive elbow, SV90-29, supplied
  • Air operated with no moving parts
  • 1/2" Industrial Interchange plug
  • Static ground lug installed
  • Delivers 2000 - 3000cfm on pressures from 50-100psi



Saddle Vent®
Standard Tank Model

The Tank Model Saddle Vent® is specially designed to fit 18"W x 20"L oval tanks. The SV-189Ttank model is installed in the hatch entry area with complete entry and egress access to the ladder. The required metal guard is left in place without interference from the Tank Saddle Vent®. The Tank Saddle Vent® can be installed in any position.

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Large Centrifugal Blowers

Air Systems can design a custom blower to meet your most demanding requirements.  Our blowers are used by steel mills, shipbuilding companies, and power generating stations.  Select from a wide variety and style of inlet and outlet flange sizes.  The blower pictured is a 15HP electric with a 14" inlet and outlet flange.  It is set on a 4 way steel fork lift skid.  This blower has been designed to deliver high static pressure and cfm output for maximum lengths of ducting.


  • 13.9" W.G. static pressure @ 4200cfm output
  • 8500cfm free flow
  • TEFC 15 HP motor
  • Sealed NEMA 4 on/off switch box
  • 230/460 VAC, 3-phase motor
  • User wired per NEC requirements
  • 14" intake and exhaust flange
  • Welded steel safety guards on inlet and exhaust
  • Adjustable flow control gate
  • Forklift guide on all four sides plus sling hooks
  • Custom variations available



8500 cfm Output


Models Available up to 50 HP.

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Emergency Response Ventilation Kit
For Non-Hazardous Locations


Did you ever notice that emergencies happen when you least expect it?

During storms, inside difficult to access areas in the dark, or any emergency ventilation requirement, don't be caught without light or electrical service.

Completely portable, the Emergency Response Ventilation Kit provides 2 hours of simultaneous light and fan run time. Air Systems' Model ERVK-15VDC consists of our 800 lumen Mini-Cube™ with water and dust tight LED lamphead that is multi-directional on an 8 ft. retractable aluminum pole; it has collapsible legs to provide a 30" support base and our Contractors Canister Fan that provides 815cfm free air flow with 15ft ducting. The 33 amp AGM lead battery pack has a built-in charger and voltage meter.

One part price... buys peace of mind for the unexpected

Environmentally Friendly


  • No gasoline vapors
  • No generators
  • No emissions
  • No spill AGM battery
  • Removable/rechargeable energy source

12 Volt Power Port supplied for operating 12-volt devices like our ergonomically designed 800 Lumen pistol grip Hand held light